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Spiceitup! Jalapeno Ketchup

January 9, 2007

     I’m very fond of hot sauces and spicy foods.  I tried a few brands of jalapeno ketchup, and keep going back to Spiceitup.  They are a small company based out of Richardson, TX.  I learned about them a couple years ago at the State Fair of Texas.  I also like the rest of their Spiceitup line.  The Jalapeno Dusting Powder is great on just about everything, especially popcorn.  I’ll be picking up some Jalapeno Garlic Salt to try. Their products can be purchased at various grocery stores and WalMarts.  Their website list stores by state.  If you can’t get it locally, they accept on-line and phone orders.

Rudy’s Rub & Sause Review

November 6, 2006

Rudy’s is a chain of BBQ joints here in Texas (  Their rub is packed with coarse ground pepper.  It works really well on beef and pork, and as well as turkey breast.  I like it due to the kick of the pepper.  The nearest Rudys is 50 miles away, so I grab a bottle every time I drop by.  There is a bottle on hand at all times in my pantry.  I also like to use it in a combination with other sweet rubs.  It gives another great layer of flavor.

                                rudys-sauce-rub.jpg   rudys-sauce-rub-2.jpg

Rudy’s Sause has the same characteristic of their rub.  It’s the black pepper.  This gives the sauce, or “sause” as they call it, the back of your throat bite.  It also is not a thick sweet sauce like many on the market.  When I send their liter sized bottles as gifts, I always get asked for repeat gifts.  I keep a bottle on hand as well as the rub.  It is one of my “go to” sauces.  If you can’t handle the bite from the Original Sause, try their Sissy Sause.  It has all the flavor without the extra kick.

Salt Lick Original BBQ Sauce

November 5, 2006

I’ve always enjoyed eating at The Salt Lick in Driftwood, TX (  I ran across Salt Lick Original BBQ Sauce at Central Market (


I picked up a couple of bottles.  This sauce is a vinegar/mustard based sauce.  I really like the tang of the mustard along with the spices.  I look forward to trying their spicy version.  The sauce also has a good fluidity to it.  I’m not a fan a thick sauces.  This was an excellent sauce on the pulled pork I tried it with.