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Smoked Onion

October 23, 2007

     Grilled onions are a favorite add on to accompany most grilled meats in my house.  Usually a little butter, salt and pepper, and onto the grates.  I had this little cast iron butter pot and noticed an onion fit just right into it.  So, I took a 1015 (Texas sweet onion), and cut a little off the top and peeled off the outer layers.  I did not trim the root end of it.  I them made slices from the top, making sure not to cut all the way through the bottom.  Then, seperate the “petals” some and place into the pot(you could use some crumpled foil to make a bowl).  Top with a good helping of butter, salt, pepper and BBQ rub.  Smoke or grill untill the onion is soft.  It will come out like a grilled/smoked bloomin’ onion.



Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin

October 22, 2007

     This is not unique, cause I stole it from Ricks Tropical Delight over on the BBQ Brethrensite.  I took a fresh pork tenderloin and sliced it into medallions.  I wrapped each medallion in a slice of bacon and secured them on a stainless steel skewer.  I seasoned them with salt, pepper and Spicewine’s Hen and Hog Dust.  I grilled them over lump charcoal and hickory wood.  They came out very moist and flavorful.  By using center cut bacon, they actually are fairly healthy.