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Simple Basics

July 24, 2007

     Decided on a good steak for dinner.  I picked up a couple of choice ribeyes to throw on the Big Green Egg.  I fired up the egg for a direct cook and seasoned the steaks.  Simple seasoning of sea salt, black pepper and granulated garlic. 


     I brought the egg temp up to 650 degrees.  I threw the steaks on the hot grate and closed the lid.  Five minutes later I flipped the steaks and closed the lid.  Another five minutes later I shut down the vents and continued cooking for a couple more minutes.  They were cooked to medium-rare perfectly.  I topped each steak with a pat of butter and enjoyed a great piece of meat with little seasoning and nothing but natural juices.


 Notice how they fattened out?  And they cut like butter.

Leftover Drumstick Tacos

July 21, 2007

     I had a couple of leftover smoked chicken legs and was trying to decide on dinner for one.  Looked a deeper and found some leftover grilled onions and saw the green taco sauce in the fridge door.  I shredded the chicken and threw it in a skillet along with the onion petals until warmed through.  I loaded chicken and onions on a corn tortilla, topped with cheese, green taco sauce and habanero hot sauce.  Turned into a great meal.



Quick Chicken Legs

July 20, 2007

     I had a pack of chicken legs that needed to be cooked.  I seasoned them up Dr BBQ’s Big Time Rub, and fired up the Big Green Egg.  I decided to cook these direct and try out an eggcessory that my buddy Wayne over at Playing With Fire and Smoke sent me.  It’s basically raises the cooking grate 4 inches to achieve a raised direct method of smoking. 

      The BGE was brought up to 350 degrees.  I added a chunk of cherry wood for smoke.  45 minutes was all the drumsticks needed.  They came out great!  The legs with dots are drops of Srirachca hot sauce.  They were a good alternative to hot wings.  These were my lunch for the week, and were a hundred times better than what was offered in the cafeteria.


Another BGE cook

July 14, 2007

     Still breaking in the Big Green Egg here.  This thing amazes me.  Once at temp, it stays there.  If I open the lid and temps fall, it recovers faster than anything I’ve cooked on.  The ceramic holds the heat extreamly well.  On to the meat!

I rubbed a 10lb packer brisket with Grub Rub(a favorite of mine).  I loaded the firebox to the brim with B&B lump charcoal with hickory chunks mixed in.  I lit a couple of firestarters and brought the egg temp up to 250*.   This cook was offset, which is when a plate setter is deflecting the heat to the outer edges of the cooker.  I let the egg heat for about 30 minutes before I loaded the brisket on at 11:00PM.  I woke up at 3:00AM to check on it, and temps were holding, so I went back to bed.  I started checking brisket temps at 7:00AM.  I pulled it when it reached 195 degrees in the flat at 8:30AM. 

     I shut down the vents to extinguish the coals.  The egg takes a couple of hours to cool down since the ceramic holds heat so well.  When the 10 hour burn was done, I still had about 60-75% of the coals left unburned.

     Here’s the finished product.


And the point chopped for sandwiches.