New Big Green Egg

     It’s been a while, but I’m back!  I’ve just added a new cooker to my arsenal.  I actually traded in my original Kamado on a new large Big Green Egg.  And I’m eggcited about it!  I’ve already done a couple of cooks.  This thing can smoke low and slow, or can sear a steak at 750 degrees.  I’ve done 2 cooks (about 15hrs worth), and only used about 6lbs of lump charcoal and a couple of handfuls of wood chunks.  Without further ado, here’s some pics of the egg and some food that has already come off the grates.

Here’s the BGE on it’s nest.


Here’s the first slab of baby backs off the grate.  Some of the best ribs I’ve smoked.


And a couple of trimmed spares, andouille links and smoked beans.


3 Responses to “New Big Green Egg”

  1. jOHN Says:

    you need to try to boil your brats for about 4 min in beer before you put them on the egg, they dont crack or shrink that way

  2. BrooklynQ Says:

    Man – that’s some great looking eats!

  3. Brian Pearcy Says:

    Congratulations on the new BGE. My wife would kill me if I added another cooker to the corral, but I keep hearing good things about them.

    I’ve only cooked on a BGE two times, but they appear to work well. I was amazed at how little charcoal they use.

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