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Armadillo Eggs

March 29, 2007

     I had a few request on what exactly is an armadillo egg.  An armadillo eggs is breakfast sausage stuffed with a jalapeno that is stuffed with cheese.  I make mini versions.  I make about 10-12 per pound of sausage.  I stuff the sausage with a cube of cheddar cheese and a slice or two of jarred jalapeno slices.  I smoke the mini eggs for about an hour or so until the sausage firms up.  Here are a few pics:




March 23rd Cook

March 25, 2007

     Nice day here in North Texas, so I decided to light up the smoker.  I rubbed some country style pork ribs, which are just sliced pork shoulders(butts).  I pulled the “ribs” into pulled pork.  And I threw of a package of Slovacek beef sausage.  I also made up a few armadillo eggs.  Half of the eggs had cheddar and jalapeno slices, and the other half just had cheddar.  They were seasoned with Spicewine Hen & Hog Dust.




Quick sausage smoke

March 12, 2007

     After church, it was too nice outside to pass up some outdoor cooking.  So I fired up the smoker.  I grabbed a pack of chicken thighs and some various smoked sausages.  I had some Elgin, TX links from Southside Market, and some venison sausage that I had made.  The chicken thighs were rubbed with Dave Klose’s Championship Poultry Rub.  I used pecan and hickory wood for the smoke.  I ran the pit closer to 300 degrees for this cook since I was wanting a crisper skin on the chicken.  The Elgin links were done in about 45 minutes.  The venison links were bigger so the went about an hour and a half.  All the sausage came out juicy and with a nice snap to the skin.