Grilled Berkshire Porterhouse Chops

     My buddy Todd over at Plowboys sent me some of his spice rub to try out along with my order of Blues Hog BBQ sauces.  I wanted something different so I picked up some Berkshire Porterhouse Chops.  These are the equivalent to t-bone steaks. 

      I started by dusting the chops with Plowboy’s rub.  Then I fired up a half chimney of Royal Oak lump charcoal mixed with hickory chunks.  Once lit, the coals were poured into the Weber Smokey Joe grill.  I had to use the portable grill under the cover of the back porch due to rain.

     I seared the chops on both sides then moved to the cooler side of the grill and covered.  I started checking internal temperatures after about 10 minutes.  When the internal temps hit 145*, I pulled them from the grill and allowed them to rest about 10 minutes.

     These turned out to be the best pork chops that I’ve cooked.  They were very tender and extremely juicy.  I’ll definitely be getting some more.

porterhouse-chops-001.jpg     porterhouse-chops-009.jpg


5 Responses to “Grilled Berkshire Porterhouse Chops”

  1. truckerswife Says:

    Those pork chops look really good. They also look really thick.

  2. thillin Says:

    They were about 1-1.5 inches thick. Well worth a little extra money. Together they weighed in about 1.25 pounds.

  3. Todd Johns Says:

    So tell me what you thought of the rub. What did you like and not like? What where the flavor characteristics that you noticed? Is this worthy of trying to distribute and sell?

  4. Todd Johns Says:

    Thanks for giving it a try and for ordering the Blues Hog. I’d tell you to enjoy it, but it looks like you already have a good start on that.

  5. thillin Says:

    I liked the subtle heat, and the fact that it’s not a real savory rub. It was nice not having any one ingredient that over powered. I’ll try the rest on some chicken, but for the smaller pork cuts over a high heat grill, it worked great. I’ll be getting more, one way or the other. 😉

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