Smoked Tex-Mex Meatloaf

    Meatloaf is a wonderful alternative dish to prepare in the smoker.  I was short on time, so I picked up a prepared uncooked 1.5lb meatloaf at Central Market.  I picked up their Tex-Mex version.  It has a few Mexican spices add in.  It comes in the small foil loaf pan.  I peeled the pan away from the meat about 1 inch all the way around for good smoke penetration. 

     I fired up the smoker to about 275*.  I placed the meatloaf on the hotter end of the pit.  After about an hour, I removed the pan and placed the meatloaf on the cooking grate.  It cooked for about another 1.5 hours  I removed it when the internal temp hit 165*, and let rest about 15 minutes.

      It came out really great.  It wasn’t spicy, but a lot more flavor than some regular meatloaves.  It went well with some yellow corn and mashed potatoes.  I served some spicy BBQ sauce on the side for a little extra kick.


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