Winter venison chili

     While sorting through the freezer after my big move, I came across 2 pounds of ground venison.  I thought it was a good time for some chili.  So, I thawed the venison overnight in the fridge to see if it survived freezer burn.  The next morning I opened it up, and it looked and smelled fine. 

     I just happened to get some chili mix in a gift box at Christmas.  It is a product by D. L.  Jardines.  I followed the directions with the kit.  I browned the meat added water, tomato sauce and seasoning pack.  It simmered for an hour and then I added the masa after it was mixed with a little water.  Another 30 min on simmer and it was done.  I tried it and it was ok.  My wife thought it was a little bland also.

     This is where it gets interesting.  I dig in the spice cabinet and started adding.  I thew in a couple of pinches of San Antonio Chili Powder, Jalapeno Powder and Chipotle Powder.  I also added some sea salt and granulated garlic.  I let it simmer another 30 min.  I think it came out just right.  This time my wife went for a drink after a taste.  She said the heat doesn’t hit until after you eat it.  It’s the chipotle powder, with the back of the throat heat.

I’ll add a pic later.

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