I bought another grill!

     And I got punched for my trouble!  My wife threatened me the last time I brought home another cooking device.  So, last night I told her I brought home a baby Weber Smokey Joe. she told me about the “punch.”  I said fine and turned around.  I think she bruised my right butt cheek!

     Well, it was worth it.  I picked up the hardly used grill from a local guy that posted it on Craigslist.  Check it out for your area, it’s nation wide.  I was able to get it for $10.  They usually run about $30 or so.  This will be my travel grill and when I just want to grill for 1 or 2.  So this brings my tally to the Weber Smokey Joe, a Weber Platinum Performer charcoal grill, an original Kamado grill/smoker, and a small older Red Weber gasser and the 20×42 dual door Klose smoker.  I can’t wait to find the next one(Don’t tell my wife, my other butt cheek may not be able to take it).

One Response to “I bought another grill!”

  1. the Grit Says:


    My theory is that one can’t have too many grills. Fortunately, my wife supports me in my delusion 🙂 Last year, she actually suggested that I buy a larger grill. So I bought a Char Broiler. Fortunately, the smoker box was back ordered, and my son was home from college when it came in. Our struggle to attach the thing got him hooked on barbecuing, and he asked for his own grill for his birthday. I’m so proud.

    the Grit

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