Thanksgiving Leftovers

     If you’re like me, you have more turkey leftovers than you can eat.  Aver a few turkey sandwiches, I vacuum seal and freeze the leftovers in portion sizes.  These portions will get defrosted to create other meals for the month.  We’ve already had turkey quesadillas.  Cooked turkey can be used in countless other dishes.  The old standby of Turkey Tetrazini, salads and casseroles.  The next batch will be made into Turkey Spaghetti.  It’s actually just replacing the chicken in the recipe.  The recipe follows below in the next post.

One Response to “Thanksgiving Leftovers”

  1. Manfred Johnson Says:

    Turkey Rice a Roni is pretty good.

    Sounds like a neat idea, never thought to vacuum seal snadwich sized portions.


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