Vacuum sealers

     I’ve been using a vacuum sealer for years now.  Many people put off getting one for different reasons.  Some say that they don’t have enough leftovers, or they can just use zipper bags.  Have you ever thrown leftovers or a steak in a zipper bag and into the freezer?  Even if used in a week, many times the food will be covered in ice crystals. 

     I talked my wife into a vacuum sealer a few years ago.  I’ve never looked back on the purchase.  I’m certain that it’s paid for itself over and over on protecting my food.  We freeze any type of leftover that we can with it.  I have even frozen soups in containers and then into the vacuum sealer bag.  Since the beginning, no food has been lost to freezer burn.

     The freezer life of food is also extended due to the absence of air.  I’ve successfully stored uncooked meats for 18 months.  Rather it be wild game, rib-eye steaks or ground beef, the results have been the same for me.  With a small family, we still by in bulk for the savings, and I seal into smaller quantities.

     I store all of my leftover BBQ in the vacuum bags.  When I don’t have time to cook, I grab a portion sized bag from the freezer and it goes into a pot of boiling water.  Within minutes, it’s defrosted and heated through.  It is able to retain the same quality as it was the day it came off the smoker, unlike overcooking done by a microwave.

     So, if you think it might not be worth the initial investment, think is it worth it if you keep loosing food to freezer burn or spoilage…

Pics to be added later.  Keep checking back.

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